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Thank you for accepting our quote, this page provides some guidance on what happens now that you’ve accepted the work.


Our quotes are prepared so that they are competitive however there are estimations that are made within any quote based on the materials that will be required to complete.

Whilst we are generally pretty spot on there can be unforeseen in any job that means an overage on what was originally quoted. We will talk to you about this if this is likely to be the case so you’re aware.

The same also applies to labour rates where unforeseen can make a job take longer than originally anticipated, again we will talk to you about this if this is the case.

This is a normal approach and means we do not massively over inflate a quote for all eventualities meaning a fair and competitive price for the materials and labour.


We will provide you with an estimate on when we can commence your work soon after the acceptance of your work. We operate on a first come first served basis and worked through quotes based on when they were accepted.

It is important to understand that dates are impacted by a number of difference factors such as

  • Weather
  • Staff Sickness
  • Childcare Issues
  • Complexity on previous jobs or scope creep

This means your original estimate may change and therefore we start your work later than we have said originally.

Scope Creep

Within your quote this will detail the scope of the works we are undertaking, we fully appreciate that you might change your mind about parts or want to add things on. If this is the case this will impact materials and labour costs so is something to be aware of.


In all cases we ask for materials money to be paid roughly a week before we are due to start, this enables us to order all the materials that we need to complete the job. If there is a delay in paying this this will impact the start date of your work.

Labour is paid on completion of the work when you’re totally satisfied with everything.

If there are any overages these will be detailed separately on the final invoice.

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