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As of the 1st of January 2024 we will be introducing a late payment policy, a late payment is one where we have not received payment over 10 days after we have provided our services. 

Each invoice that we issue has 7 day payment terms, plus 3 days grace before this policy applies. 

Why do you have a late payment policy?

Whilst the vast majority of customers pay on time and within the 7 day window, a number do not which results in constant chasing which increases our administration overheads and will therefore impact pricing for each customer in the future. 

Our late payment charges

Our late payment charges are set out below 

£2 per day from the 11th day after the service has been completed. 

NOTE: We are of course reasonable and friendly people and life happens, things get in the way so drop us a message and let us know if you can’t make payment for whatever reason (holidays, family sickness etc) so we are aware. 

Our contact Information

You can contact us by: 

  1. WhatsApp – 07747 471093 (the quickest way)
  1. Text message – 07747 471093  
  1. Email – 

If you have any questions regarding this policy please get in touch

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