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For the 2024 season we will be introducing a cancellation policy to enable us to serve our customers and staff in the best possible way. 

Policies are boring so we will try and get to the point but the fundamentals are 

  • If you commit to a regular slot with us but then do not need us, you need to tell us so we don’t turn up for you to send us away.  
  • If we turn up and there is no answer at the door, we will try the number we have for you and if we do not get an answer we will head off. 
  • If you have a pooch, we do not clear up after it so please ensure before we come you have dealt with what needs to be dealt with. 
  • If you’re going on holiday let us know if we should still come or not. 
  • If there is bad weather mainly rain we cannot mow your lawn but we will make that assessment ourselves before any appointments are cancelled.  
  • If we do not receive a response to a time we have suggested for an appointment we won’t confirm it and therefore we will not come. 

These basics between us mean that we don’t waste time and fuel driving around to not be able to work, this is very important to a small business. 

How do I tell you I need to cancel?

As much notice as possible is always best but we require a minimum of 24 hours notice or we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee. We know that life happens and we are a reasonable bunch so that’s why we’ve said we reserve the right to charge a fee but it doesn’t mean we always will. 

You can contact us by: 

  1. WhatsApp – 07747 471093 (the quickest way)
  1. Text message – 07747 471093  
  1. Email –

Our cancellation fees

Our cancellation fee is our first hour charge of £30, which will be submitted via the usual route to your email address with a 7 day payment term. 


Simply put we are a reasonable bunch, we don’t want our customers to sign up to streams of terms and conditions but we are putting this in place to ensure a healthy two way relationship that enables us to provide all our customers and staff with a great service.  

 If you have any questions regarding this policy please get in touch

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